Thursday, 17 January 2013

Geelong and Melbourne

We decided that it might be easier to use Geelong as a base for a couple of days- it was a little bit less driving from Portland so we could take our time along The Great Ocean Road but also a reasonable drive into the city. Unfortunately it left us with no time to appreciate Geelong, which had a lovely foreshore and river, as well as some interesting shopping. We just couldn't get so close to Melbourne and not even visit! We certainly didn't have nearly enough time to make the most of Geelong or Melbourne. The zoo, aquarium and museum would have been fun but we really had enough time to find our bearings and explore a little. The boys found a 'pop culture' shop, which was a source of much excitement for them and much amusement for us parents! Oh my goodness the adult men and teenage boys in raptures everywhere! There was even a sign inside the door saying 'Walk, don't run!' Now it may have been a bit tongue in cheek....but there seriously was some borderline skipping/ speed walking going on. Eric & I still get the giggles when we think of it. So some minecraft items were purchased and there has been a great deal of lively discussion about the other glorious items that could be saved up for and purchased on the website. Yes, all the marvelous, exciting things to see and do in Melbourne but this was the family highlight! It was an exhausting day of trying to find the sites- who knew that the markets were closed on Wednesdays? Not us because we walked to the other end of the city to find them :/ Never mind we can now say that we have been to Melbourne, we soaked up the essence of the city and met some very amusing geeks :)

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  1. Melbourne in a day is impressive for anyone!! At least you have all been there and hopefully got a sense of the trendiness that is Melbourne. I am sure you will all be back!


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