Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kangaroo Island- day 2.

First port of call this morning had to be the Parndana Wildlife Park. It IS for sale and Eric was a LITTLE bit curious to check it out. The island is so stark and dry everywhere you go and it is all the more evident the further inland you go. This part of the island is known as the 'heartland' and there is very little in Parndana but it does sustain a little school (one of two on the island). The Wildlife Park was all very open and uncommercial. It is not about touristy money making here- in fact that seems to be true of the island in general. Everything is very simple, basic and down to earth. We have heard so many conversations between locals in shops and service stations- everything is based on trust and credit. Most of the people here have known each other all of their lives, it would be pretty hard to not give them credit for the tank of petrol they cannot pay for. It all feels very old fashioned, like the mainland has moved on into the future but KI is continuing to enjoy things the way they like it- thank you very much!!! It is quite endearing.
Joe thoroughly loved every second of exploring the 'Zoo' and made sure he gave a pat to every single animal within reach. It was pretty special to get up so close to the koalas and to pat them freely. The international tourists were loving the koalas and kangaroos, and they were the tamest I have ever seen. The kangaroos took a real shine to Campbell's wheelchair, and then to him when they realised that he was very free and easy with the food- an open bag policy! Lucky that we took a packed lunch because there were no hot chips to be found!! How refreshing. Not even a pie or sausage roll. We got to eat our sandwiches and fruit in a lovely little 'rainforest' BBQ area. I hope that the money making machines don't ever make their mark on Kangaroo Island.
It was a topic of much discussion after our visit- could we buy a zoo??? On Kangaroo Island???? Hmmmm.....
We came back to home (our beloved and comfy tent) via Kingscote and spent some time popping into the shops (there were shops!!!!!) and drinking in the beautiful views.
It was a big day and we were all tired and eager to tuck into a dinner and then bed. Again we have the ocean singing us off to sleep.

Kingscote had a 'Drew St' and a beautiful beach.

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  1. Haha, I love these pics, they are so good. I love Cam and the kangaroo feeding out of his lap, courtesy of spilt food and Drew near the street, clearly named for him!


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