Thursday, 10 January 2013

Victor Harbor

It was exciting to be heading back to the ocean and to be getting closer to Kangaroo Island! Victor Harbor was beautiful and it had a lovely old world charm about it. There is a functioning steam train that whistles it's way between the little coastal towns surrounding Victor Harbor. There is also a horse drawn tram that takes you out to Granite Island along the jetty. The little fair at the foreshore completed the picture. A lovely ride on the ferris wheel to take in the views was perfect (poor Drew survived despite his fear of heights). We enjoyed evening walks/ bike rides, gorgeous swims in the crystal clear ocean (until we discovered the blue bottles) and exploring the Whale Centre. We shall endeavour to come back in the cooler months so we can do some whale watching.
Everyone is still coping well with the travelling. It does get exhausting setting up and packing up the tent so often, but we are all still smiling and enjoying the adventure. We have such good boys! Campbell is happy if he can find an op shop or second hand book shop every so often to add to his growing collection of books. I will have to get a photo of the books he insists on gathering up on his bed- there is seriously no room for him! I am feeling lucky :)

Getting Campbell down to the beaches is getting trickier but Eric can still manage it for now- what a champion Dad!!

Digging for fossils at the Whale Centre.

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