Friday, 18 January 2013

Phillip Island

We enjoyed our last night in Geelong with some dinner on the bay. Joe also made the most of the lucky dip he got in the magic shop in Melbourne by becoming Jonas the Pirate for the evening.
We started off for Phillip Island a bit disappointed that we could only secure one night in the caravan park- we will have to make the most of our time there. We drove the short distance to Queenscliff to get the ferry across to Sorrento. It was a much easier and cheaper trip than the Kangaroo Island ferry- there was even a elevator for Campbell to go straight from the car into the passenger lounge. As soon as we got going the kids were invited to play some games set up by volunteers. The trip was over before we even had time to appreciate the view!! The drive around the coastline towards Phillip Island gave us views of surf boards tucked under arms, over flowing caravan parks and the cutest little seaside cabins. Very sweet and pretty but very, very crowded. Once we arrived on Phillip Island we dumped the trailer to start exploring- we had to see it all today!!! How gorgeous it was too. Again I will let the photos do the talking.
After an easy dinner of salad wraps I took the boys down to the beach for a swim, while Eric and Campbell relaxed. A game of Beetle completed our busy day. We have managed to fit a lot into our day again today- too much for any of us to want to go to the Penguin Parade tonight. We saw one peeking out at us while we were walking to the blow hole today and Eric and Joe saw them parading on Kangaroo Island. It feels like home is getting very close now- we are all looking forward to seeing our Charlie soon.

Jonas the Pirate.

The ferry trip to Sorrento.

A lunch stop along the way.

Phillip Island.


  1. Audrey will not be impressed that you didn't see the penguins!!

    1. Sorry Audrey :( but with up to 5,000 visitors on a busy night we weren't brave enough to face the crowds. I think a visit outside of peak holiday periods might be a sensible option.

  2. Looks like another top spot, will need to get there too!


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