Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kangaroo Island- Day 3.

Everyone felt like a slow morning today. While Campbell enjoyed some time to flick through his book collection, Drew and Joe wanted to just play in the sand and run around. Eric and I enjoyed a moment to be still and rest- not something you get to do much on a long haul camping trip. I went for a walk into Penneshaw and found some wifi in the information centre where I could recharge our mobile wifi and catch-up with everyone online.
We decided to splurge for lunch and get some fish and chips. It was a long wait but well worth it. I think the amazing view from the park overlooking the ocean made the fish taste even better. Eric and Joe did the Penguin tour last night, so Joe enjoyed showing us where all of the penguins appear at night while we waited for our fish. Jonas remembered so many more facts than Eric! He told me all about how the clever penguins get the salt out of their bodies through their...ummm...what is it...lungs or something (he means kidneys- but he was pretty close). He also told me that the seals have been eating the penguins and that they used to be all over town and even walk between your legs- but now there are not many left. Eric confirmed that all of this is true. Wouldn't it be amazing to have seen the penguins in abundance like that!!! Anyway they did get to see some heading back to their nests for the night.
We decided to head off the beaten track and take a tour on the dirt roads to find Antechamber Bay and the lighthouse. Aren't we glad we did. We also found a lovely little river trickling through the hills and some hidden campsites along the river. The Lighthouse looked over a stunning beach but it was not even close to being wheelchair accessible. We spotted some kangaroos in amongst the sheep in the paddocks and vowed to return to the river to try our luck with the fishing rods.
This is our last night in Penneshaw and we are excited about what we will discover on the South Coast tomorrow.

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