Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kangaroo Island- day 1.

Ohhh the anticipation, the excitement, the whole trip his been leading us to this destination. Will it be what we expect? Will it be as pretty as we hope, will there we the animals Joe hopes to see? It was a very drawn out day before we got to see the island. Our ferry didn't leave Cape Jervis until 3pm!! We had to fill in our day until we finally arrived. Luckily we were well rested after two nights of the sound of the ocean lulling us into slumber in Victor Harbor- ahhhh lovely ocean sounds :)
So we finally have KI in sight- a misty vision across the ocean which gave me goose bumps!! Really it did, perhaps the anticipation was all getting too much for me. We had expected that Cape Jervis may have some swimming or touristy stuff to do...NOTHING!!! Unless you are happy to pass your hours drinking beer in the lonely pub. Maybe, once upon a time, we would've opted for that. Instead we sat in the Sea link terminal and waited. It wasn't for hours or anything- but it felt like it. We finally got on board and waited for Eric to drive the car and trailer in before he joined us. It was a choppy ride and every one felt the effects. With the island in view we couldn't work out where we were going to find civilisation. Even when we were right upon it we could not see any buildings! We now know that was because there were so few to see. From the island we can look back and see the mainland clearly. We can make out the wind farm, some buildings and on some nights you can even see the glow of Adelaide. The misty, mystery of Kangaroo Island had other travellers have made the same comments- why can we see Cape Jervis so clearly but we can't see Kangaroo Island from the other side.
We had time to set up camp and admire the views from our camp site, get together a bit of dinner, and then set off for a bit of a look. We got as far as American River to see the swans. Where to tomorrow....

Can you make out the misty island in the distance?

Swans in abundance at American River. You can just make out the Penneshaw coastline in the distance.

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