Monday, 30 January 2012

Baking bread and Best Start.

Happy days!
Jonas had his Best Start appointment at 12.15pm today so we made the most of the morning after dropping Andrew off at school. We searched for and found a Taronga Zoo app because Joe decided that with a whole week to ourselves before school starts we could fit in a visit to the Zoo. What a fab idea! It is a great app with maps and a photo challenge. We can't wait- he has been to the Perth Zoo, the Adelaide Zoo but not Taronga!!
I got stuck into the kitchen cupboards and drawers this morning and created another rubbish pile, and lovely neat cupboards. I found it so frustrating to go from a tidy and orderly house with 2 kids and part- time work, to 3 little boys and full-time work and chaos! It is so hard to get it all done and I hate mess, but more often than not have to turn a blind eye to the unmade beds and the piles of washing in the study. It will all have to go back to our 'normal' chaos once I go back to work but at least we will have neat cupboards :)
We decided to have a go at some homemade bread rolls to have with our chicken burgers tonight. After running out of flour and substituting with oat bran I was worried we would have to settle for chicken and salad. They were yummy!!! We also had enough to make lunches for everyone for tomorrow.

Jonas did a great job of his Best Start and although he was very nervous to start with, he was relaxed and happy by the end. The magic touch a wonderful teacher can have on a child is a very special thing.

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  1. Fresh baked bread is divine. Glad Jonas survived his best start. It is good to have one of those warm caring teachers.


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