Thursday, 19 January 2012

Head for the hills.

We allocated one of our days in Adelaide (precious as they are) for a trip into the Adelaide Hills. We were looking forward to Hahndorf, the Chocolate Factory (another one) and the toy factory. Before we headed up hill we had a look around Semaphore and Drew and Joe both got much needed haircuts. Campbell found an op shop with books- happy days :)onwards and upwards we went from there.
We thought that Hahndorf would be a brief stop along our way to others, but there was too much to do! We stayed all morning exploring the many shops. Campbell found the bookshop he had been so determined to find...thank goodness. The puppet shop was a top stop for Andrew and Jonas- they each got a puppet and an extra for Lillian. Joe picked out a make it yourself marionette puppet and was just busting to pull it all out and start painting. We had a fabulously German lunch with meat galore for my little carnivores. Check out the photo of Joe's plate- the biggest sausage we've ever seen!!
Campbell wasn't keen to see the Melba's Chocolate Factory- there were no books there! We found something we knew he would like while he waited in the car with Eric. After stopping at the Toy Factory we started our descent back to Semaphore. We had a great day and enjoyed the risotto we bought in the Providores at Hahndorf for dinner.
We are all tired tonight and starting to think about home for the first time- probably because it is so close now. We have try to get the most out of our last day in Adelaide tomorrow.
None of us were brave enough to try the 'Bum Burner!'

More chocolate.


  1. When did you get to Maggie Beer's Pheasant Farm? I loved it and seeing Maggie was a treat. Did you enjoy it? Wasn't the food simple but yummy??

  2. Maggie wasn't there when we went- Campbell was very disappointed. He was looking forward to a chat to her and was hoping that she might enjoy reading 'Lizzie McGuire' with him!!! The food was delicious and gorgeous too, the kids baskets looked so pretty.


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