Saturday, 28 January 2012


The beautification plan is starting to come together. Today, late in the afternoon, we thought "let's do it". So that meant that the ugly lattice came down then and there. Our BBQ area was something we knew had to change but didn't know what to do. So we just ripped it out! While Eric pulled down the big wall of lattice to reveal the lovely garden hidden behind, I started on the pantry. A spill of tomato sauce lead to one thing and then the next, and before I knew it the pantry was sorted. That meant 3 garbage bags of stuff I decided we could live without. Ahhhh it is a good feeling to clear out junk.
We have to research and plan for the next step for the BBQ area- Eric has grand plans for a built in kitchen area (our Perth visit has left us inspired again). That would be lovely! We have lots of gorgeous and well established plants to move first. I am so excited that we are on our way to making our house the home we love.
 I also, finally, had time to pull the Christmas Tree down today. We left Boxing Day for our trek and we have been frantic since we got home. Finally packed away, and the hand me down tree from Mum is going in the bin!!! I am sick of the dust and itch every year, so next year we will start fresh.
Now I will have to see what is next on my long list.....
Half way there.

My hero!!
The reward- Margaret River Chocolate cocktail :) We deserve it!


  1. It is refreshing to throw things out and start organizing things to the way you like. And even as a non drinker, that cocktail look delicious!

  2. That is a great job guys!! It is amazing at times how quickly 1 thing can lead to another and before you know, it, renovations have begun.Cannot wait to see all of you in feb. Deb xx


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