Saturday, 14 January 2012

Our Wedding Anniversary <3

We can now say that we conquered the Nullabor! Woohoo what an adventure. We have made it to the other side and back again. We were determined that we would not have to celebrate our 17th anniversary in Mouse Town! We are in lovely Ceduna tonight, with a very pretty detour to Fowlers Bay for lunch. We had our hopes pinned on oysters tonight but arrived too late in the day to get some. We also had our hopes pinned on some fancy digs for the night...hmmm I guess we came to the wrong place for that. A cabin in the caravan park is as flash as we could manage! It does have water frontage and we could do fresh crab and champagne. I am more than happy to settle for that. We have accidentally set an anniversary challenge- every year we have been on holidays in a different part of Australia. We have done North Coast NSW, South Coast NSW, Margaret River WA and Ceduna SA. Andrew has voted for Tassie next Summer and I think that sounds perfect!
There has been lots of time to reflect this holiday- hours and hours of it!! One thing that often comes into my thoughts is how very, very lucky I am. I have a husband I adore and three perfectly gorgeous boys. We have sent many hours laughing together, telling stories and just talking. I know I am blessed- it is nice to be reminded of it too. We are all excited about making the absolute most of what we have left of our adventure. We can't wait to get back to Whyalla and Adelaide- we also have a very long list with very little time. It looks like we have lots of other adventures to plan for.


  1. What an exciting holiday you have had so far, and the journal entries are so captivating, brilliant writing as expected from such an accomplished writer (with the input from four clever men).

  2. Happy anniversary guys! So fabulous to spend it on an exciting holiday!Bad luck abut the oysters, that happened to us in Bluff in NZ, all the oyster shops were shut the days we were there and there is not much else in Bluff, except cold winds! But you made some quick adjustments and champagne and crab on a water front apartment , hard to beat that!
    It is fabulous to appreciate your life and your blessings and we are blessed to have you all in our lives too. Thanks you so much for that. xxxxx

  3. Thankyou Steve & Deb xx I am so glad that you are enjoying our holiday ventures.

  4. All of your photos show that beautiful sun and wonderful views. It is certainly a wonderful adventure and holiday. And all that time with your family is priceless.

  5. Not a single day of rain Ru apart from moments passing through. I will send some sunshine vibes.


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