Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Farewell Whyalla.

Early morning in Whyalla reminds me of my idyllic childhood summers with my Nanna and Poppy at their house on St Hubert's Island. Scoffing down a quick breakfast in order to make the most of the king tides. The stillness of the water and the glare of the morning sun takes me right back. Just like our time in Whyalla, we only ever crossed the lawn to the house to be fed and for a new application of zinc. Our first night was so windy that it quite literally blew the salad right off our plates- although the boys did seem to lose quite a lot of salad ;) last night was so mild and balmy without even a hint of a breeze. This morning as we packed up the wind was working its way into a pretty decent gust and the temperature was already 35 degrees at 8:30am. However, it was time to move on.
Adelaide is our next stop and we are all looking forward to getting back. This visit we want to visit the Hills (perhaps a bit different to the Baulkham variety) and to see a few things we missed in the city. The Barossa will be on route back to Mildura- Campbell and I are especially excited about going to Maggie Beer's Farm Shop.
We arrived in Semaphore in Port Adelaide this afternoon and enjoyed the beach but not coming back to the over-crowded caravan park. Even Campbell asked if we could stay on holidays a bit longer. He is usually our homebody who can't wait to get back to his room, books and TV. This really has been a fabulous time and we will all be sad when it is over.


  1. I am so enjoying sharing your adventure. Perhaps you should become a family travel writer instead but then I would miss our chats.

  2. Thankyou gorgeous Ru- I miss you!! Do they pay much to 'family travel writers'? I would seriously consider it for maybe a year... I am looking forward to my 4 weeks of leave but also very excited about my class when I get back.


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