Monday, 23 January 2012

Mildura, Wagga Wagga, home!

My neck was giving me too much grief for the last 2 days to think about blogging- we are home!!
We ended up staying in apartments in Mildura and Wagga which was a nice way to wind down before home- I was also pretty useless in helping set up the tent.
The boys did enjoy the TV both nights and were excited to catch up after 4 weeks of no ABC3. On the way home from Wagga we had McDonald's for the first time in 4 weeks!! Can't say we missed junk food at all. The best lunch on the run that Eric and I could remember was somewhere on red dirt with nothing but a picnic table and a baguette, some smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket leaves. Pretty flash and so, so good! Heaps better than Maccas too. We got pretty good at throwing together a meal with the bits and pieces we had in the esky and camp kitchen. The boys voted for their "hobo dinner" as their favourite meal- that was their name for a mini tin of baked beans with a spoon. Goodness me!
It is lovely to be home and very, very good to see our Charlie. We all missed our crazy pup.
Mum and Chris had a lovely dinner ready for us once we had unpacked the car and trailer. They had also stocked the fridge with some essentials to see us through until we could shop. We are still working our way through the mess of washing and packing away though.
I will sit everyone down at the dinner table so they can all share their holiday highlights.
I spent the day at work today for the Kindergarten picnic and then trying to get some planning and organisation done back at school. It was lovely to meet all our excited newbies and their Mums and Dads. I will have to go in again tomorrow to finish off all that needs to be done before my 4 precious weeks of long service leave- I have big plans for those weeks of being "just a Mum" and hope to make the absolute most of every day.

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  1. What an adventure! I am sure that memories will surface for each of you over the next few months. As for highlights, I think that Eric and you created an album of them for the boys and yourselves. Good to hear you all arrived home safe and sound and your mum had prepared so lovingly for your return. xxx


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