Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well we thought it was hot yesterday!! Today it got up to 49 degrees in the car. We didn't even want to stop driving and leave the air conditioning. We kept driving until we reached the coast at Streaky Bay and enjoyed an ocean breeze and a big shady tree for lunch. When hit Ceduna we couldn't think about doing anything but finding the ocean. The heat coming off the ground was scorching hot. Our camp site is just dirt with very little shade. The camp grounds has private access to the most beautiful beach. Unfortunately impossible to access with a wheelchair so Eric carried Cam up and down a pretty decent hill. We plonked ourselves in the water and just stayed put. It was too hot to consider cooking so we went into town to see what we could find. The relief when we found an air conditioned Pizza place...ahhhh. Thankfully while we sat inside the weather changed quickly and everything cooled down. The camp site now has a fabulous breeze flowing right through the tent. I was seriously worried about how we would be able to sleep tonight. Bracing ourselves for the Nullabor experience tomorrow and well prepared to seek out air conditioned digs for the night if we have to :)
Yes it does say 49 degrees!!!
Streaky Bay for lunch.


  1. Ruanne you may have found it a bit warm today too :) is it still miserable in Sydney?

  2. Definitely feeling like summer. We put p the dodgy pool and dipped in and out today. I spent most of it lounging in wet swimmers reading. Good luck with the nullabor tomorrow. No break downs!

  3. Sounds like Summer has finally found Sydney :)
    No breaks downs but a good story for my next blog update!!


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