Friday, 20 January 2012

Nearing the end :(

Damn! Woke up this morning with a frozen neck and in so much pain Eric had to help me up. My body must be trying to warn me that holidays are almost over. Thank goodness for a divine lunch at Maggie Beer's, because without that today would have been a terrible disappointment. There is a pretty big cycling event in Adelaide at the moment and it seems every time we want to go exploring we get in the way of bikes. They were everywhere in the Hills the day we went and the day we decide to do the Barossa- there they are again! There were road closures all around the Barossa and it took us 2 hours to get 1 hour out of Adelaide. Every bump in the road and I was in agony. Found some anti- inflammatory medication somewhere in the Barossa and we finally found Maggie. Our intended tour through the Barossa was ditched! We didn't even get to the 'Ross' winery to get Ross a bottle with his name on it for his Birthday. We will just have to enjoy the Barossa another holiday.
Struggled on to Mildura for the night, but still in a lot of pain. I need my chiropractor!!! Only two more days of driving and we are home. Campbell is trying to negotiate an extension of holidays...wish it was possible.


  1. Sending healing vibes. I hope the final return journey is pain free or reduced. What a wonderful experience. I am quite enthused to head to Adelaide after reading your posts. And you are certainly blessed with your boys.

  2. Thanks for the vibes- I am sure that they helped lots more then the nurofen did ;) It was the best holiday...but we are all happy to be home too. You would love Adelaide- an easy drive for us now but a nice short flight too.

  3. Oh honey am so sorry to hear that you woke with a painful neck, I commented earlier about Maggies and here is the story! I should have read through everything before I posted that comment!! I do not know the name of the race but last year Lance Armstrong came over for it, it is a big event in the cycling calendar.

  4. I know- it is a huge event and Adelaide seems to put everything on hold while it is on. We know to avoid visiting in mid- January next time.


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