Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Shannon National Park

We had another full day after leaving Bussleton. First stop was Dunsborough and then onwards through the Margaret River down to Augusta. The Chocolate Factory and Providores were on the wish list because we missed them on our last visit- well worth the stop too. We had a picnic lunch in Augusta and ventured on through Bridgetown- which was a very pleasant surprise. We hadn't expected to find much but discovered lots of heritage buildings and quirky shops. It would have been nice to have had more time in Bridgetown. We were thinking that Walpole might be a good stop to set up camp but we stumbled across Shannon National Park and found the perfect spot. There were excellent accessible bathrooms and it was so nice to escape the caravan parks for a night. It got dark quickly but our saggy, baggy tent was hastily thrown up just before dark and served us well. Not sure where we will end up tonight but we are planning to stop at The Valley of the Giants and Denmark today. Everyone is traveling well and enjoying our adventure. Looking forward to seeing how our day unfolds.
The Margaret River Chocolate Factory- with lots of free samples!
Giant freckles!!!!


  1. Honey, you look great in that red bikini! Isn't it fun to travel and see where you end up? I think these sorts of holidays really help create inquisitive children who love camping and adventures! It did for me anyway.
    It is sounding divine and I am so happy you are all enjoying it, especially Campbell, he is doing so well to have so many changes and disruptions. Perhaps he is a traveller after all, as much as he may hate to admit it!

  2. Hahaha- isn't that an interesting mural to have painted on a toilet block! The boys were in fits of giggles because they said it looked like she was throwing poo at us!! Boys just can't let a good poo joke get by them.


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