Monday, 30 January 2012

Making the most of every day :)

It is a lovely thing to wake up in the morning knowing that the day ahead is precious and all mine. Despite my very late night of tossing and turning, and too much thinking until some time after 3am, I was happy to face the day ahead.
I got to give Campbell a proper farewell with photos and hugs as he started his first day of High school. Even though he hates posing for photos he tolerated it for my sake. I got to take Drew to school on his first day of term! Joe and I got to do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day!! 
How to pack as much as possible into each and every day- day 1:
1. Came home from school drop off to do the necessary chores- washing, tidy up etc. With the company of my favourite 5 year old the time passes so much faster.
2. Off to the shops to pick out new school shoes and school supplies. This also included lunch, a ride on the Rouse Hill shopping centre train, a visit to the fruit market, buying some lovely fresh seafood for dinner and looking at all our favourite shops (Joe- toyshop, me- Kikki K and typo). 
3. Back to school to get Andrew and chat to the teachers. It was lovely how many people stopped to ask after Campbell and to tell us how much he will be missed. Drew was very excited about seeing his mates and spoke too fast for me to absorb every detail of the latest in minecraft!
4. Afternoon Tea- ALL of us, together!! Watermelon, bread sticks and cheese.
5. A swim in the pool- FINALLY. The hottest day in Sydney this Summer and it had to be the first day back at school.
6. A feast of crab, whole fish baked in the BBQ, squid and salad.
7. A family walk with Charlie to the creek and back.
8. Another swim.
9. Baths and bedtime stories.
10. Lots of phone messages and chats tonight to check in on first day excitement!

A fabulous day of being a Mum. Happy me! I wonder how much more I could fit in to a day once I get into the swing of  it.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. Except for the housework but it is nice to have a clean home.


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