Saturday, 14 January 2012

Esperance- the return.

Ahhh lovely much to soak up in so little time. Again there were no camp sites left and we even struggled to get any accommodation this time. Luckily we scored a 2 bedroom apartment right across the road from the jetty. This time Sammy the Sea Lion was on show and trying to impress. He pranced about scaring away the crabs we were trying to catch! He definitely knew that early evening was the best time to find the fisherman cleaning their fish. He even sat for a pat with one. Campbell and I went for a walk along the jetty while the boys kept pretending to catch crabs- they admitted in the end that they ended up giving most of the bait to Sammy!
My very wise and gorgeous husband convinced me to go back to bed with a cup of tea and my book when we all awoke very early in the morning. He had decided that we might as well make the most of the 10am check-out and rest up before hitting the Nullarbor again. What a sensible plan :)
We said our final goodbyes to Sammy, who was enjoying a doze in the sun. I also got the absolute best coffee I have ever had from a little caravan set up by the jetty. Ohhhh so many reasons to make a return trip to Esperance.
We hit the Nullarbor full of energy and excitement. We were facing it with hindsight this time and we were ready!! Eric had done a shop in Esperance and had very enthusiastically stocked up on salad forgetting that we had to forfeit it all at the border. That meant we had plenty of picnic supplies for the road...and it all HAD be eaten. After our stop for dinner (salad was on the menu again) we tucked the boys in for the night, reclined their seats and hoped we could get in a good run. We decided to drive as far as we could all cope and did well until poor Joe starting moaning in the back at about 10pm. We decided that we should probably pull in and set up camp. He really was pretty sick when we stopped- all over the place. I really enjoying doing a big stretch of the driving today but it was hard to relax while driving at night. There were many rabbits bounding across the road, a constant stream of mice and we even dodged a couple of cats! No Roos though thankfully. We ended up stopping at The Border, which will mean another pretty bit stretch of driving tomorrow.
The Nullarbor was much easier the second time around and we were all relaxed and making the most of our time together- pretty special.
Lovely Esperance.
The Great Australian Bight.


  1. A mixed bag this story! Poor Jo being sick and poor you having to clean it up.I can't wait to get to Esperance, it sounds lovely.Sammy must have a monopoly on the jetty, unusual to have one seal only. His colony must not be too far away.
    We have both had a laugh thinking about the wind blowing over the bucket and the 3 crabs making a hasty getaway. Less for the pot and they live another day!

  2. I love all the photos! They look great!
    Angie : )


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