Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today we are just on holidays. We are not traveling, on a journey or exploring. Today is our day to just be still, breathe in the salty air and feel happy. How I love Whyalla. A little town that looks just the same as all the other South Australian outback towns until you stumble across the coastline. Even other South Australians have raised an eyebrow when we told them how much we love Whyalla- I am so glad we didn't drive through looking for something better. This morning Campbell and I parked our camp chairs in the water while Eric and the boys went crabbing (again). It was here that we sat and chatted about what high school will be like, here I had my morning cup of earl grey and even my muesli. I couldn't imagine a lovelier way to start my day.
The remainder of the day passed in much the same way. We were in and out of the water all day, between reading, eating and chatting. After lunch as the tide started making its way back out we set out to find some more crabs and the reach the edges of the sand flat. We found several crabs, which Joe expertly caught with the crab rake, but had to let go because they had eggs or were too small. Campbell had a tow in the blow up boat as we marched out the find the edge. It is like a shelf at the end of the sand bank, one step off the side and into the inky depths. It is eerie to see the deep ocean appear so suddenly. The horizon curved the whole way around us. Andrew said he felt like he was at the edge of the world. It was spectacular.
We had dumped the crab rake to enjoy a swim when we found a perfect, fat clawed crab just sitting at our feet. All we had was the bucket (which was luckily still tied to the boat)and a rope. Cowboy Eric fashioned a lasso and after many attempts he got it! How cool and clever is my husband? We are becoming very accustomed to crab dinners. On our long walk back though the warm shallows Cams curled up in the boat for a snooze. Lucky duck :)
Today is perfect.


  1. What a wonderful way to relax!

    I'm glad you like the diptic app! It makes it easier to stick many photos in the same post. I often just post on my Iphone using my 'BlogBooster' app and adding photos using the 'Diptic' app. I initially got the free 'blogbooster' app, but I've since forked out the $3 or so to have it for myself. Aren't phones amazing!!

    PS. Happy anniversary!
    Lots of love
    Angie : )

  2. Thanks Angie. I just use the free blogspot app for the iphone or ipad but I will have a look at the blog booster now I am totally hooked on blogging- I love reading them as much as writing them :)


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