Saturday, 7 January 2012


Fully recharged and relaxed, and ready to embark on the return voyage. The boys opted to do nothing else but hang out with Deb and Sam and enjoy the constant offerings of incredible food cooked by Sam. We loved watching Sam and his brothers make tomato sauce. It was a long process and took them the entire morning to push the tomatoes through their very nifty machine. We are excited about creating some meals using our precious bottles of beautiful sauce with basil and chilli. Eric and I were inspired to extend the garden even more than we did after our last visit with Sam & Deb.
We had a lovely dinner at Hilary's Boat Harbour with fantastic ice- cream creations for the boys to finish off our last night in Perth.
Sam took Eric & Joe to the fish market this morning to get some prawns for a quick lunch. Well....we ended up with a feast of squid, crab, marron and prawns. Sam taught me some tips for the crab sauce and how to cook tender squid. We all ate beyond our limits because it was all so, so good! Joe was in his element cracking open crab and marron claws. Kate joined us for lunch too which was lovely. She very patiently participated in Campbell's play.
We are excited about Bussleton for the next two nights with our train trip down the Bussleton Jetty booked for Monday morning.
Thankyou Deb & Sam for spoiling us all so much and helping us feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of our journey.

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  1. How fabulous to have had you guys here, it brought both of us great pleasure and the time with boys just fabulous bonus!!


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