Wednesday, 4 January 2012


We have left Esperance after 2 days of bliss. It was such a terrible shame to discover that there were no camp sites left and we had to settle for a cabin instead. Ahhhhh our own shower...a lounge....a TV (which as it turns out we hardly watched). All of this and no sign of any mice :) Not only did we enjoy a good rest from setting up the tent we discovered the most sublime beaches. The coast was like nothing we had ever seen. Drew had a wonderful time body surfing and although Campbell initially resisted the call of the ocean, he gave in and we joined the boys on the beach. Esperance is a gorgeous little beachside town but very windy all day long! Eric managed to find Sammy the seal at the jetty while he went out to find some seafood for dinner, but he was gone when we all went down to meet him. We will try again on the return trip- and try to get another swim at the beautiful Twilight Beach too. We are almost at Albany where we booked our site ahead for only a snippet less than the cabin at $100 for one night- the most we have paid for a camp site since we left home. We are assuming that Albany must be pretty special.


  1. Those beaches look so beautiful! I think I might dream about them tonight.

  2. I hope you had sweet dreams Ru. This beach was voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world- pretty obvious why.

  3. I love that pic of Campbell making his way to the beach, it is a classic!!!


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