Friday, 6 January 2012


We got to Albany late in the afternoon and set about sorting an early dinner. Our body clocks are a bit confused and we find that we just eat and sleep when we need to- today that meant we awake at 5:30am and eating dinner at 4:30pm. We pulled together a yummy feast of smoked salmon, cheese, crackers, salad, pizza and gnocchi! With still plenty of hours of daylight to follow dinner I had a lovely long walk along the beach while the boys played. My calf is holding up well- I managed the soft sand without any trouble at all. I took the boys up to the pool for a swim and we were all ready to crash by 8pm! After some sight seeing tips from Deb we woke early to discover the rest of Albany and cut through Denamrk before heading up to Perth. We have never seen so many bookshops in one small town- Campbell was in his element. We arrived in Denmark at lunch and had a cheese platter with warm crusty bread at one of the winery's.
We didn't get into Perth until late and felt very spoilt to have a huge and delicious dinner ready for us. Thankyou Deb and Sam xx
We made it to Perth!!!! We will enjoy a few days of rest before we turn around and do it all again in reverse- with a few lessons learned :)


  1. Woot! You got to Perth quicker then I would have thought. And you can now say that you have crossed the nullabor.

  2. We sure can- soon we will be able to say that we crossed it twice!!! Second time will prove that we know what we are doing.


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