Monday, 9 January 2012

Bussleton Jetty

Our stay in Bussleton has been action packed. When we arrived, set up camp and had some dinner we discovered that there was a torch-light bug and frog adventure to join. Joe particularly loved that. We started early on Monday morning and had a look around Bussleton before heading to the Jetty for our train ride. The underwater observatory at the end of the jetty was fantastic- we saw lots of fish and the pylons look gorgeous under water. Eric and Campbell opted to walk back along the jetty but Drew and Joe really wanted another ride on the train. We hit the waterslide after a quick lunch and then a swim in the gorgeous, clear water of Geographe Bay. Drew and I had fun running along the jetty and jumping off.
When we got back to the tent for dinner we discovered that a rock climbing wall had been set up AND that 'The Smurfs' was showing in the games room!! The plan to go fishing/ crabbing went out the window. I think we jammed as much as possible into our Bussleton experience. It is such a beautiful place to be.
We are exploring the Margaret River region today and really don't know where we will pitch the tent tonight- we will see how our day unfolds :)
Pretty yummy left- overs dinner.
Frog tour with a possum as an added extra.
The Bussleton Jetty train.

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  1. I was so excited that Monday was clear blue skies, a typical WA summers day! Nothing could be better than Busselton Jetty in weather like that. I love that you saw the underwater observatory and see why scuba diving was such a big part of my life for so long, it is another world under the water!


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