Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I spent lots of our time on the road pondering how I can make the most of my long service leave. Of course the most important thing is being there for the boys and spending time in their classrooms while I can. I can't do that all day though. I have decided that I can use my few hours everyday to start a house beautification project! I started some "research" on the iPad in the car and started making plans. Painting the lounge room is high on the list- the size 4 fingerprints all over the walls are getting me down.
The first night we were home I used an idea from a blog (Christmas Wedding)  to put my heirlooms to use. The glasses were badly chipped but I couldn't part with them because they were a special family gift. I love this!!! I can picture a lovely long table with these running down the middle, or a cluster in the middle of my big square table.
Inside the glasses are some lovely paper flowers I got at the Vintage Fair.

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  1. Great idea Missy, I have the paper flowers you sent to me in the yellow room you would have seen them when you were here. I love the idea of the cluster of them in the centre of the square table, (once it is boy safe)
    What you have done with the spare room is gorgeous as well as your reading nook, so I look forward to some more Melissa inspired innovations. xx.
    What yo uhav


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