Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Valley of the Giants

It was a bit of a shame to pack up in our lovely little bush haven, but more adventure awaits! Today we did the Tree Tops Walk which was designed to allow for full wheelchair access. It was a huge achievement for Drew because he really hates heights and this was all about the height! He almost backed down when he felt the swaying and looked down, but once he had one go he asked to go again. The second go was even better than the first. Eric & Cam went to check out the gift shop instead. Eric & I ended up buying the exact same tin cups as souvenirs without knowing that the other had bought anything- great minds think alike :) We stopped at the honey place before reaching Denmark for lunch and an ice- cream by the river. We pushed on to Bremers Bay and got there just in time for dinner. We probably tried to fit too much into one day today- we were all exhausted when it was finally time for bed. We are all looking forward to staying in Esperance again tomorrow night- we will need a good rest before hitting the Nullabor.

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  1. Good on you Drew, you should be very proud of yourself, conquering your fear and doing that walk! My friend Jill could not do it at all and waited for Deb (my other friend) and I to finish it. I love that forest with the giant tingles and hope you all enjoyed it. I agree that you did a lot today - Eric must have felt very tired too with all that driving. Sleep well tonight and Esperance again you lucky things!


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